Our Clients

At Boulevard, we choose to work with a select number of clients, limiting our relationships to families and individuals we believe can benefit the most from our services. 

Our deep experience working exclusively with ultra-affluent clients has afforded us particular insights into the challenges, opportunities and complexities that accompany substantial wealth.

Ultra-High Net Worth Families

Understanding family dynamics allows Boulevard to excel at catering to the often-complex but always sensitive financial circumstances concerning ultra-affluent families. 

Our team is deeply experienced in anticipating the needs of a family, whether their members represent a close-knit clan engaged in many activities together or whether the next generation is dispersed geographically.

We learn your specific circumstances and, through our expertise and empathetic insights, we identify solutions to address current lifestyle challenges as well as long-term legacy issues.

Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

In addition to the challenges of individual wealth, sophisticated entrepreneurs and business owners tackle financial issues every day.

Boulevard is particularly experienced in working with entrepreneurs to structure solutions whether their enterprise is just emerging or long established.  With an expertise in guiding entrepreneurs through their liquidity events, we focus on optimizing the outcome for the most advantageous result.  For business owners faced by succession challenges, we offer insights into the impact on holdings, the family, and the business itself.

Boulevard is proud to make valuable introductions throughout our personal network, where our clients find mutual benefit in getting to know and potentially work or invest with each other.

Executives, Investors, Athletes

How wealth is accumulated often affects the degree of complexity involved in managing it. 

The Boulevard team is highly experienced in creating effective solutions to address the sophisticated challenges created in situations where holdings are concentrated, assets are relatively illiquid, or compensation is tied up in contractual obligations.  Working with executives across industries – from venture capital and private equity investors to real estate, media and corporate magnates – as well as with professional athletes, Boulevard provides a personalized approach to making your wealth work best for your individual circumstances.